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When people are looking to film a video, it is important to choose the proper location. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is located on the southern portion of the North Island near the Cook Strait. While it might be small in terms of area, it has numerous attractive options in this small area. It is known for its beautiful harbor on its sandy, white beaches but has even more than that. It has a gorgeous promenade and some of the most uniquely constructed houses in the world. People will also instantly recognize the Wellington Cable Car and its unique red color. When people are looking to shoot videos in Wellington. what are some of the most important points of interest?

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Top Wellington Filming Destination

Wellington Botanic Gardens

For people unaware, the Wellington Cable Car actually runs down towards the Wellington Botanic Gardens. These gardens are home to some of the beautiful plants and foliage that grow on the island. People looking to film nature films or in search of a beautiful background should absolutely consider visiting the Botanic Gardens. It is home to some of the unique plants on the planet.


This location is an intentional play on words and is home to a wide variety of animals that people will enjoy filming. Some of the animals cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Film crews should stop by and incorporate some unique creatures in their videos.

Space Place at Carter Observatory

For the science fiction fans, the observatory is a can't-miss stop. This has numerous space exhibits discussing space missions, planets, constellations, and asteroids. They even have shows that people can incorporate into their own video productions in Wellington. Anyone filming a space video should stop by the observatory.

Wellington Museum

The Wellington Museum chronicles some of the history of the city and the nation of New Zealand as a whole. Many people film historical documentaries and are looking for information to incorporate into their Wellington video production. This might some shots that people can use in their videos.

Wellington Zoo

Wellington is also home to one of the most impressive zoos in the world. The Wellington Zoo is filled with a diverse array of animals that everyone will enjoy learning about. These animals can also provide a unique background for video production crews. Stop by and check it out!

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