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United Kingdom Video Production

While we all know about Stonehenge and the beauty it possesses, there are some other amazing locales in the United Kingdom that you may not have seen. Whether looking for distinct places to capture photos or stunning backdrops for video production, the UK possesses plenty of unique geography and cultural destinations that ought to draw attention. Here are some of the best places to let the cameras roll if you're fortunate enough to be filming in this island nation.

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Top United Kingdom Filming Destination

Loch Awe

Although a particular mythical monster invites the bulk of attention to Loch Ness, Scotland is rich in gleaming lakes that beg for shooting video. Loch Awe is one such vision of beauty with destroyed castles dotting over 15 square miles.

Minack Theatre

Nestled high along the cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean, Minack Theater is modeled after a Greek amphitheater. The area is carved into the granite cliffs of Porthcurno and include grassy terraces that frame the famous stage.

Brighton, England

With the sublime charm of the ocean in the background, Brighton is a lively city full of unique locations to capture video. Vendors and food stalls punctuate the Brighton Pier, offering an area full of charisma for film.

The Yew Tunnel

With exactly 99 trees at all times, this church yard in Gloucestershire is stunning for videographers. Though some of the trees were planted over 900 years ago, the tunnel itself was developed over the course of 300 years.

Camden Town

For an urban backdrop, Camden Town is a hit among photographers and videographers. Rich in markets and gritty street life, it is full of quirks ideal for street artists. Be aware that there are many times when the area becomes so crowded that it's difficult to capture desirable shots. If filming here, late evening and mid-morning hours are likely the most ideal time to visit.

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