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Tokyo is the iconic capital of Japan and offers stunning visuals unique to its city and culture. Videographers, photographers and tourist alike all seek out Tokyo to have a one-of-a-kind experience and to capture one-of-a-kind images. Tokyo can offer just about everything to everybody. It is home to more than 13 million people and offers thousands upon thousands unique locations for videographers and tourist alike. Whatever the niche, Tokyo has it, and has it in style.

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Top Tokyo Filming Destination

Asakusa Sky Tree

Japan’s tallest building was built in 2011 and sits just across the river from the bustling Asakusa district. The Skytree itself is part of a sprawling modern complex that’s popular with tourists, offering stunning panoramic views across the city.

The area around the Skytree includes traditional Asakusa, with its temples and shopping streets. It’s great place to showcase the contrasts in Japanese culture with the modern and classical architecture.

Meiji Shrine

One of the most popular shrines in Tokyo, the Meiji Shrine is a complex of different temples set in a forested area. The temple is home to a beautiful garden, an assortment of Shinto shrines and different classic style Japanese structures.

At one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan you’ll find worshippers, weddings and regular festivities. This is one of the best places to capture the traditional culture of Japan in the heart of this megacity.


With a checkered history, this island neighborhood is home to some of Tokyo’s most modern shopping precincts and attractions. One of the main ones is DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, which features a giant Gundam robot (from the popular anime series).

With its waterside aspect, Odaiba offers great views of the city, especially at night and with the Rainbow suspension bridge as a backdrop. For frenetic and modern shopping areas, waterside vistas and futuristic buildings head to Odaiba.


Home to the famous crossing just outside Shibuya station, this district is the glitzy heart of downtown Tokyo. Multicolored neon, digital signage, business men and trendy Japanese kids all combine to create a heady and uniquely Japanese atmosphere.

As well as the world’s busiest train stations you’ll find busy shopping streets such as Center Gai and Koen Dori. If you’re looking for that image of the busy crossing, the subway carriage packed to the rafters or the flashing advertisements of Tokyo then Shibuya is where you need to come.


Home to the skyscraper district and much of Tokyo’s nightlife, Shinjuku is very similar to Shibuya. With neon lights, glitzy shopping, never-ending streams of people and the sleazy red light district, Shinjuku has a very definite flavor of its own.

Kabukicho is the main nightlife drag, offering all manner of entertainments from pachinko parlors to love hotels. There are also many hidden lanes packed with bars and restaurants among these streets, making the area perfect for edgy scenes in the grimy heart of Tokyo.

Tokyo Station

This brick built station is the busiest in Japan and is the terminus for many of the shinkansen (bullet train) lines. The area around the station is home to some of the world’s most expensive real estate and is also very close to the Imperial Palace.

Despite being in the bustling heart of the city, the Imperial Palace park is an oasis with some of the most serene landscapes in the city. A perfect contrast to the hyper energetic city around it.

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