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Switzerland Video Production

When planning a trip to shoot video in Switzerland, you'll be able to focus on scenes filled with stunning natural beauty, extreme sports, historical sites, expansive agricultural areas and more. Switzerland is influenced by numerous European cultures and each town reflects its own version of style, charm and flair. Buildings constructed centuries earlier still line the streets of many cities yet the country as a whole is extremely modern and plentiful in western comforts. You won't have to "rough it" in order to capture great video here!

Great video - captured our leader really well - some of his best content was captured with the Director questioning. The music matched perfectly to the presentation. Very happyTrish Rowlandson

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Top Switzerland Filming Destination


Experience this charming Swiss city at the base of the Matterhorn and capture video footage of a completely car free town; people get around on foot, by bike or with the aid the city's electric bus system. Take a trip up to the famous Matterhorn via Europe's highest aerial cableway to experience views that will truly take your breath away.


For video of extreme skiing during cooler months and paragliders floating through the air in summer, head to the Bernese Oberland Region known as Interlaken where you'll be surrounded by over 150 miles of slopes. Bring a great zoom lens to catch the movements of the area's best skiers or enjoy the peaceful sight of colorful paragliders who enjoy taking off from nearby Beatenberg-Niederhorn.

The Lake Geneva Region

From extensive vineyards, snow capped peaks and the famous Chillon Castle, the Lake Geneva Region won't disappoint anyone looking to create video of natural beauty, historical sites or agriculture at its finest. Unfortunately your camera won't bring back the flavors of the fine wines you'll be privileged to taste in the area, but images of vast vineyard terraces situated among the breathtaking Alps are certainly worth filming.


After leaving the Swiss town of St. Moritz, the Palm Express passes through Italy for a number of hours before arriving into Swiss Lugano which sits on a beautiful lake. With its distinct Italian influence, you'd hardly believe this town is part of Switzerland. Take the opportunity to film the lovely palm-tree lined streets complete with cobblestones and charming shops, then interview some of the locals to get a feel for what it's like to live in one of Europe's true melting pots of culture.


While in Switzerland, you won't want to miss the chance to visit the capital city where you can document 500 year old buildings which have been well maintained over the years. The old town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts one of the longest sheltered shopping areas in all of Europe. The city is surrounded by steep, wooded river banks and striking views of the Alps.

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