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South Korea Video Production

Video production in South Korea can be a beautiful endeavor if you know where to look. Many Hollywood productions are actually coming to South Korea because of the beautiful, unique scenery and the cultural resonance of the area. Here are some of the premier locations to shoot video in the country that will inspire your audience.

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Top South Korea Filming Destination

Sambuyeon Falls

This is a 20 meter waterfall that gained its notoriety from its incredible rock formations, and the legend behind it - stories tell of a dragon that flew from the Falls after burning the colors into the rocks. However the colors came to be, the Falls make an incredible backdrop or postcard.

Namhansanseong Fortress

The 12 kilometer long fortress is made up mostly of earthen materials and was built 2,000 years ago. It received an update in 1621 that gives it the perfect look of ancient rock and colored, feudal age technology. The fortress itself creates a great opportunity for hiking in many directions.


Sareung is in the province of Gyeonggi, and the tomb area is one of the more heavily guarded aesthetic wonders of South Korea. The tomb is royal in nature, housing the remains of Queen Jeongsun, and is a UNESCO World Heritage landmark.


Also a UNESCO World Heritage landmark site, Seonjeongneung is a slightly less guarded tomb that is surrounded by buildings rather than forest and gives a much different opportunity for modern landscaping than the Sareung tomb. Both are beautiful nonetheless.

Anapji Pond

The Silla Dynasty build this incredible circular pond that gives photographers and videographers a backdrop of the North Gyeongsang Province reflected on the clear, blue water. You also get lilypads for a truly idyllic look.


This former residential palace is now an incredible structure that is used for large artistic shows and events. If you can get an aerial shot of the entire palace while a show is fully in step, you can create any number of looks, from a 60s film military line to a culturally relevant dance show from the turn of the century.


Come to this mountaintop for a complete view of Seoul, one of the most amazing cities in the world. Much like the 101 freeway heading from the Valley looking down on Los Angeles, the lights and commerce of Seoul best come into full view during the quiet hours of the early morning.

Gochang Dolmen

This intriguing location is known as the "Stonehenge of Korea." The stone graves resemble the stone markings of Stonehenge and make for a striking visual at night or sunrise. Some South Korean video productions have actually experienced electrical malfunctions while shooting here.


The wide, textured landscape naturally draws the attention of your eye and the camera's eye to the iconic architecture built during the Baekje Period of the country's history. There are many video productions that come here from Australia and New York to get shots that resemble middle America.

Gangneung Anbandeok-gil

From a distance, this almost looks like textured farmland, but Gangneung is actually a very popular location because of its beach and mountain attractions.

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