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Singapore Video Production

There is no other geographical location like Singapore. Singapore is one large main island surrounded by 62 small islands, all comprising a single “city/country.” 90 Seconds clients benefit from this location in several ways. The government has worked diligently to reclaim land from the ocean, adding roughly a quarter to its original land mass. Much of this project has involved creating large green spaces with tropical parks and gardens that are popular with citizens and tourists alike – and create vast opportunities for timely shoots at exotic natural locations.

The urban sectors of Singapore are very densely populated and teeming with APAC cultural influences. It would be hard to find a location with more varied shooting opportunities in a relatively small area than Singapore – and we have excellent talent across major video creation categories here.

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Top Singapore Filming Destination

Botanical Gardens

These tropical gardens are the only ones of their type to be UNESCO listed. It’s a beautifully maintained green space in the heart of this bustling city, and the location offers pond and lake vistas, fascinating flora, footage of families and tourists, and regular cultural events.

Not surprisingly, Singapore is a center of horticultural research, so if you need to interview or consult with an expert in botany or related fields to plan or augment your shoot, we can help you find them.


A mixture of tradition and modernity, Singapore’s Chinatown is home to temples, traders and some of the most iconic scenery of the city. The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is an architectural masterpiece in the traditional Chinese pagoda style, and makes a great location for footage of monks and worshippers – or of the intersection of modern and traditional or religious and secular.

Not far from the temples you’ll also find bustling markets, with traders selling their wares ranging from modern electronics to traditional street food. Of interest to creative directors and bean-counters: here you’ll also find the world’s most economical Michelin Star meals.

Clarke Quay

The center of Singapore’s thumping nightlife, Clarke Quay is is a buzzing destination all day and really comes alive at night. Framed by skyscrapers beyond, it’s where the city lets its hair down. From boat cruises and romantic strolls to riverside cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs, if you’re looking for images of the vibrant melting pot that is Singapore, this is where to capture it.

Gardens by The Bay

One of Singapore’s newest and most eye-catching destinations, the Gardens by the Bay is reclaimed land that has become a botanical and technological marvel. Architecturally stunning conservatories, futuristic landscapes and “supertrees” – man-made structures used for cooling and water conservation – encourage shots of dense nature or cutting-edge design.

As a bonus to shooters, the Gardens are often decorated for local festivities such as Chinese New Year or the Mid-Autumn Festival. Capture images of visitors, the landscape and the city backdrop from the walkway.

Marina Bay

The centerpiece of the city, Marina Bay is where the residents of Singapore mingle with its visitors. For incredible panoramic views of the city and some of the most iconic sights, including the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Merlion monument – a half-fish, half-lion statue of national importance – this is the place to set up the camera.

The area north of the Marina Bay is also one of the best and most affordable places to catch Formula One racing, with much of the action taking place between the Singapore Flyer (the big wheel) and the National Gallery.


This island is a short ride from the center of the city and packed full of attractions like beaches, theme parks and golf courses. If you’re looking for images of high-quality hotel resorts, swimmers and sunbathers or visitors enjoying the many theme parks, Sentosa is your place.

The Merlion walk, between the beaches and the main theme parks, is an Antoni Gaudí-inspired mosaic installation that delivers great images. Serapong is one of the best golf courses in Asia and offers great views across to the city.

Orchard Road

One of the most interesting places to visit in Singapore, and a great opportunity for video production, Orchard Road is short, mile-long boulevard considered to be both the retail and the entertainment center of Singapore. In addition to great shopping, Orchard Road has benefited from a $40 million renewal that included new street lamps, green rooms for visitors to sit in and enjoy the flora, planter boxes and more, including memorable lights at Christmas time.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo attracts about 1.7 million visitors a year to stroll its 69 acres and observe more than 300 species, of which 16 percent are considered endangered. Orangutans are a steady favorite here, home to the largest group of captive orangutans in the world. These animals are both magnificent and entertaining, and offer visitors and professionals ample shooting opportunities. The zoo also houses African hunting dogs, komodo dragons, white rhinoceros, two-toed sloths, Nubian ibex, oriental small-clawed otters, and many other geographically unique animals.

River Safari

River Safari park has 10 different ecosystems from around the world that allow visitors to see exotic animals in their natural conditions. These include a Nile River ecosystem, a Yangtze River ecosystem, as well as Mississippi and Amazon River and a Tundra ecosystem. Visitors and videographers can observe jaguars, squirrel monkeys, stingrays, giant pandas and many more species.

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