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For many people, a visit to South Korea will be the highlight of their travel life. Whether it is a chance to visit a spot that was important to a loved one who was in the military, or just because the South Koreans are interesting and the country is known to be varied and beautiful, South Korea is a popular travel destination. Many people who have gone to South Korea report that it is an incredible experience, and many choose to go back if they have a chance. Visitors to South Korea get to see a world that is culturally unique, and natives who like to have fun.

Had an urgent, last minute request and quick turn-time on a video for new product launch, and 90 Seconds came through with flying colors. Joe Raffanti was great and the video turned out great.Glen Tillman

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Vitraplus Cabloc, K-Drama Parody – Dec 2016
株式会社リペアワークス様 – リペア説明動画
Delta Air Lines – Korea Sales
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Top Seoul Filming Destination


This is a modern city where its visitors and residents all know how to have a good time. With great places to eat, drink, and of course shop, this is a city with few equals in Asia, and perhaps the world. Seoul also has a great deal of history which includes five different palace complexes, and it showcases some of the best examples of traditional Asian architecture.

Jeju Island

If you’re going to visit Seoul, you should get out of the city and visit Jeju Island which is 40 miles off the coast. This island has its own history that is different from the resto of South Korea. If you’re wondering whether Jeju is worthy of shooting video, it was voted on of the new seven wonders of nature—from sites around the world. Jeju Island has botanical gardens, lava caves, and of course great beaches.

The DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone

The DMZ has been a line of separation between North and South Korea since 1953 when the Korean War ended. Don’t let the animosity between the North and the South stop you from visiting and taking a tour around the DMZ—this is a fascinating place to visit. North Korea is notorious for the way it treats and abuses its people, and you can stand safely in South Korea and see North Korea for yourself.


This is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla. Gyeongju is a city that sits along the coast of South Korea that offers a real glimpse into South Korea’s history. The city allows visitors to see and better understand the culture and history of the entire country as the city itself has been in existence for over 1,000 years. The city of Gyeongiu is considered by many to give a perfect understanding of South Korea’s history, culture, and religion.

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