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San Francisco Video Production

Shooting video in San Francisco does not limit you to typical tourist scenes: the city is home to striking natural beauty, fabulous local artwork, plenty of opportunities for people-watching, colorful farmer’s markets and unique antique markets, all of which can be captured on film.

A city rich in culture, positive vibes and color allow inventive videographers the opportunity to create clips as varied and diverse as the area itself. Whether you feel like donning those hiking boots to capture a few nature scenes or chilling in a park to grab footage of eye-catching locals, San Francisco will give you plenty of worthwhile moments to keep your video turned to “on.”

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Top San Francisco Filming Destination

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Despite being nestled within a dense urban area, the Golden Gate Recreation Area is home to plenty of wildlife and provides ample opportunities to appreciate and film natural beauty. Trails within the park run for miles along the coastline and provide access to popular areas and landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lands End and Ocean Beach.

Mission and Guerrero Street District

If fantastic local art is what you're seeking for the day, head down to the Mission and Guerrero street district for some pleasant walking and plenty of chances to appreciate incredibly detailed murals. Clarion Alley off Valencia sandwiched between 17th and 18th streets and Balmy Alley off of 25th are said to be the two best mural corridors in the city.

Golden Gate Park

On Sundays, the park is closed to traffic and opens up to dancers, skaters, runners and plenty of other individuals who are just plain interesting and camera-worthy. The park also transforms into a quiet place where you might catch a glimpse (or a clip) of a cool natural interaction with wildlife or capture one of those magical moments at sunset where everything is just perfect for shooting video.

Embarcadero Ferry Plaza and Terminal

For a look into the world of sustainable local produce, come visit the colorful organic farmer's market which sets up shop at the terminal on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A trip through the plaza will give you ample opportunities to interview locals who make their living by producing quality foods and handicrafts. Capture the movement towards progressive agricultural at this hot spot in the city.

Treasure Island

One of California's Historical Landmark sites, Treasure Island hosts a monthly antique market where you're likely to find plenty of things that you've never seen before in your life. When you want to create video of the past in action, this is the place to do it. Even if you have no idea what some of these treasures may have been used for, their conversation value is reason enough to turn them into interesting video footage.

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