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Paris Video Production

Paris is a place of unprecedented beauty and wonder. When scouting locations to shoot video, your main problem is likely deciding how to narrow down your choices. Paris has it all: cityscapes, historic architecture, famous landmarks, and renowned museums. For Paris video production, keep in mind regulations regarding filming. Both public and private locations may require permits for professional and/or amateur shoots.

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Top Paris Filming Destination

Promenade Plantee

This spot for video shooting in Paris has the distinction of being the first vertical park in the world. The elevated park was built in the 1990s on top of an abandoned railway duct from the 1800s. The promenade stretches across almost three miles through the city. The park was made famous by being featured in the movie “Before Sunset” starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.

The Metro

European subway stations always offer the chance to create unique video productions. The final product can be used in both modern and historic pieces depending on where you decide to shoot. The metro station near Notre Dame, called Cite, is particularly breathtaking and has plenty of the classic high ceilings and stonework associated with historic stations.

Jardin Du Luxembourg

These gorgeous, famed gardens were created in the early 17th century at the behest of Marie de Medici. The massive acreage is split between traditional English gardens and French gardens. Between the split is a forest and small, scenic pond. This Paris video location is perfect for those looking to create a period piece. It can get crowded, so plan out your timing accordingly.

The Bir-Hakeim Bridge

Crossing the Seine River in Paris, the steel bridge offers some of the most breathtaking views of Paris. The same architect as the Eiffel Tower, which is viewable from the bridge, built the bridge. The bridge is famous enough to be featured in several high profile films and music videos including “Inception” and “National Treasure.” Another bridge to consider for your Paris video shoots is the Pont Neuf Bridge.

The Latin Quarter

When shooting video in Paris, you’re likely looking to demonstrate the charm of the city’s cobblestone streets and small cafes. This area, south of Notre Dame, is perfect for capturing street scenes for your video production. For your B roll, consider shooting on the banks of the Seine or St. Michel—a public square in Paris situated around the towering St. Michael Fountain.

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