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Norway Video Production

When people think about beautiful locations in the world, the countries in Scandinavia come to mind. This includes Norway, where the people are happy, the weather is beautiful, and the country has a diverse array of attractions that are perfect for shooting videos. What are some of the locations for video production in Norway? Why do so many movie producers come to this region of the world?

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Top Norway Filming Destination


For people looking to film an outdoor movie, this is a truly gorgeous location. It is located in the Stranda area and is known for its lush wildlife. This includes crystal blue water, towering waterfalls, and lush foliage. It is ideal for people filming a nature scene and looking for striking colors to fill it out.


Bryggen is perfect for those requiring a historical backdrop for their Norway video production. This is located in the historic harbor district and consists of medieval wharves with wooden buildings steeped in history and tradition. The boat houses are all painted with beautiful colors.


Many people look to Norway for video production because of the access to beautiful auroras and orca whales. For those looking for these features, this is the archipelago to visit. It is in the district and Nordland and known for its dramatic scenery complete with the shining lights and the famous marine animals. People requiring a destination to shoot these unique scenes will want to visit this ring of islands for sure.

The Viking Ship Museum

Many people know that the Scandinavian region is known for its Viking ancestry. Many people want to film a movie with a historical undertone and desire to incorporate the Viking lineage into the film. For those videos, this is the stop. The museum is filled with unique Viking ships from the 9th century that will enhance the historical backdrop of any film. It even has artifacts that have been recovered from burial chambers.

Nidaros Cathedral

Norway has a strong traditional feel and many of its buildings have been standing for centuries. Video producers looking to incorporate a little bit of religious history should pay a visit to the Nidaros Cathedral. It was built in the gothic style of architecture back in the 11th century. It has served as a palace to the bishop and even includes a crown jewels exhibit. Stop by and take a look!

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