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Moscow Video Production

Perhaps no city piques the imagination with a sense of awe and wonder like Moscow. Its famous architectural style, indomitable spirit and uniquely Russian sensibility draws the attention of viewers around the world when films are made with it as a backdrop. And, that’s just a few of the reasons Moscow video production has become incredibly sought after.

Stop and think for a moment about the ideas and images that race through your mind when some utters the name of the capitol city — Moscow. Perhaps you conjure up pictures of the Russian army’s color guard parading gray and red in lock step. Maybe you think about the setting of famous Hollywood films such as Hitman, The Jackal, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Bourne Supremacy or Resident Evil: Retribution. So much action, adventure and mystery. Moscow has a mystique all its own and capturing that historic presence will set your footage apart.

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Top Moscow Filming Destination

Red Square

Originally designed to separate public officials from the rest of the city, Red Square has emerged as the city’s hub. At its center, the incredible Saint Basil's Cathedral lofts high with colorful teardrop towers. Original commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, many of the famous political and formal military scenes are done outside what has become a historic museum. If you want to do Moscow video production, Red Square is a must location.

Gorky Park

This famous Moscow gathering place has found its way into pop culture since opening in 1928. It was the namesake of a Martin Cruz Smith novel, movie and noted by rock legends Scorpions in a hit song among others. It’s been served as a place of culture and leisure, amusement park, sports center and these days a contemporary, 300-acre green space complete with flower beds and sweeping lawns.

Arkhangelskoye Palace

Just west of Moscow, this palace was purchases by Prince Nikolai Yusupov in the early 1800s and stayed in his family until it was nationalized after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The grounds and structures are pristinely manicured and reflect old world Russia. These days, it’s a museum and patrons have access to the Church of Archangel Michael, Grand Palace, rustic Trellis arches, Catherine II monument and large marble sculptures.

Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve

The greater Moscow area isn’t without its share of natural wonders. More than 130 species of birds, 900 plant varieties and 54 mammals call this state-sponsored, 19-square-mile biosphere home. Running along the bank of the Oka River, it also includes a nursery that has been working toward repopulating European and American bison herds. The sweeping natural beauty and wildlife make this a key outdoor location for Moscow video production.

Town of Kolomna

Southeast of Moscow you’ll find the town of Kolomna. It was heralded as the toast of Russia for its savory apple-tinged pastilles and traditional “kolach” bread. It’s once bustling factories have become museums and a testament to the Russian working class. The stylized factory buildings are buttressed by lush gardens, brick walkways and rolling natural landscapes. It’s a special place.

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