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London is a world city that has stirred the imaginations, ambitions and sensations of both its citizens and visitors for centuries, and this is obvious on every street corner. Like other great cities, London is a melting pot, with grandeur side-by-side with struggling citizens and immigrants holding out hope. The architecture and the history London represents make for especially evocative video, as do rough neighborhoods and the bars where punk music exploded, to name two examples. It’s not hard to find the right location in London, but make sure to consider these.

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Top London Filming Destination

London Bridge

Built in the 1970s, London Bridge connects Southwark to the City of London. As you cross from the Southwark side you will find yourself with 360 degrees of awe-inspiring city views. In front of you will see the city in all its glory. To the right you can take in the iconic Tower Bridge. Next to that is the historic landmark the Tower of London. If you face south, you will see the architectural masterpiece known as The Shard. This location gives you a multitude of recognizable backdrops from one place.

Hyde Park

This site was created as a hunting park by Henry VIII on land he seized from the monks of Westminster Abbey. Charles I built a track circling the park, called the ring, so that members of the royal court could ride their carriages around it while enjoying its beauty. In 1637 it was opened to the public and quickly became a popular destination for many around the city. Today the park is one of the standout landmarks in London. Whether you’re strolling through, lazing about on the grass or rowing a boat across the Serpentine, it’s a beautiful rural-esque escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a fantastic place to shoot.

Piccadilly Circus

One of the most iconic road junctions in the world, this is where Shaftesbury Avenue, Coventry Street, Regents Street and Piccadilly converge. Piccadilly is known for its giant advertising billboard, originally erected in 1908 as a single sign advertising Perrier. Throughout the years, many of the world’s biggest brands have paid to have their logos displayed, taking advantage of the estimated 100 million visitors a year. Also at the site is the famous Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, which commemorates the philanthropic works of Lord Shaftesbury. If you want viewers to know instantly that you’re in London, then this is certainly one of the locations to consider.

South Bank

As the name suggests, this area runs along the south bank of the river Thames from Blackfriars Bridge to Lambeth Bridge. It’s a cultural hub where you find popular tourist destinations like the London Eye, Lambeth Palace and the Royal Festival Hall. The area is always buzzing with activities and events. Visitors enjoy the many restaurants and pubs in the area or just take a stroll down its tree-lined walkways to soak up river views of Westminster and Big Ben. Shoot on the South Bank to quickly convey feel of London.

Tate Modern

Sitting along the Thames in the bankside area of Southwark and housed in the former Bankside Power Station the Tate Modern opened to the public in May 2000. Since then it has expanded considerably with the latest addition, named the switch house, opening to the public in 2016. It is Britain’s National gallery of international modern art and is part of the Tate Group. Since 2000 more than 40 million people have visited the museum and it is considered to be one of the top three tourist attractions in the city.


Sprawling across much of central London, the City of Westminster is a London borough that also enjoys city status in its own right. Many of the city’s most popular attractions, such as Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, and Regents Park, can be found within its perimeter. Most notably the area is home to Buckingham Palace, the houses of parliament and Big Ben. Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and the West End theater district are also located within the area. This borough is quintessentially London, and the images you’ll take from here are recognizably iconic the world over.

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