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Helsinki, Finland is the capital and largest city of Finland with over 1.4 million people. Helsinki was established in 1550 and remained fairly small for some time. Helsinki was noted only for not being worth notice to the greater world. The city suffered through disease, wars, and poverty for at least the first 250 years of its existence. Starting in about 1810, the city seemed to find its footing and grow, and in 1952 it even hosted the Olympic Games.

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Top Helsinki Filming Destination

Ateneum Art Museum

As many westerners might think about a city that is nearly 500 years old, all kinds of museums are an important part of the city and getting to know it. Finland and Scandinavian countries in general have been home, sometimes permanent, sometimes temporary, to some of the greatest artists in history. This museum has works from Munch, Tove Jansson, Carl Larsson, Pablo Picasso, and Helene Schjerfbeck.

Esplanade Park

A great place for visitors to see is the Esplanade Park. This an open place for that locals go to hang out and visitors should video live to remember this interesting destination. Esplanade Park isn’t just a great place to visit with others, it is also home to the Marimekko Fashion Show and the Jazz-Espa concert series and many other attractions for visitors.

Helsinki Zoo

This zoo was started in 1889, which makes it one of the oldest in the world. There are animals that a person might expect to see in that part of the world, but of course there are also animals from the rainforest and all over. More than 200 different species of animals can be found in the zoo, and more than 1000 different plant species.

SkyWheel Helsinki

Why not get a view of the entire city with a Ferris wheel that goes 40 meters high in air conditioned cabins for those hot days of summer. Get a video while you ride the SkyWheel and you’ll have a memory of this beautiful and historic city that you won’t ever forget. The SkyWheel is lighted up and runs at night too, making it not only a fun ride, but a beautiful object to look at too.

The Helsinki Cathedral

Since 1852, this beautiful cathedral has been home of the Evangelic Lutheran church. For many citizens and visitors alike, the beautiful white columns, and green domes have represented the city. This is a church that people have crossed the world to see. Don’t miss it while you’re there.

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