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When shooting videos in Frankfurt, Germany you want an eclectic mix of tourist traps and local hangouts. This grants you the ability to capture the heart and soul of the location. Here are five places you should consider when working with Frankfurt video production.

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Top Frankfurt Filming Destination

Eiserner Steg

An iron bridge and the first suspension bridge in all of Europe, Eiserner Steg traverses the city center of Frankfurt and Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp from World War II. Ideal for a backdrop for video production you have a clear view of the entire Frankfurt skyline via the Eiserner Steg. Take note that you can also catch a boat ride from Eiserner Steg, which elevates the experience offered by this locale. Consider a tour of Sachsenhausen as a way to learn more about the history of Frankfurt, in order to best represent the city in video form.

Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark

Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark is a one of a kind experience that showcases the real history of Frankfurt’s Hessian community. At this open-air museum you have a 135-acre setting situated in 18th- and 19th-century life of the locals. Tour everything from farms to schools redesigned to illustrate this old world way. After you have explored the museum space, take a walking path from the living museum to Romerkastell-Saalburg. The natural scenery allows you to incorporate landscape imagery and sounds into your video creation.

German Film Museum

What better place to create video imagery than with museum row at the German Film Museum. Discover tips and trademark secrets from Germany’s first cinematography museum. Tour the museum and learn more about the craft of videography through historical Germanic representations of costumes, animation and lighting. Then use the museum space as a takeoff point for your video inspiration. You may even be able to connect with some of Frankfurt’s finest filmmakers while at the museum.

Pig-Out Alley

Taken as tongue-in-cheek this nickname well describes Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse. Home to all sorts of wine merchants, delicatessens and cafes, this street provides the perfect setting for a Frankfurt food inspired video shoot. Expect heavy foot traffic during the weekends and meal times. However, if you are interested in shooting video regarding Frankfurt cuisine or culinary arts this is the place to be.


As the oldest building in all of Frankfurt, Justinuskirche is a 7th century church. An interesting architectural mash-up of Romanesque and Gothic design, this church offers more than a religious themed mount. It is positioned at the top of a steep hill overseeing a great view of Frankfurt.
Consider stopping by during an organ concert to add a powerful element of local sound to your Frankfurt video production. Keep in mind that you may need to inquire about the use of video equipment inside the church.

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