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Dublin Video Production

Irish filmmakers have a long tradition of filming the landscapes of Eire, with Dublin being one of the top filming locations. Some of the most successful movies to come out of Ireland were shot in and around Dublin, include ""The Commitments,"" ""Braveheart,"" and ""In the Name of the Father"". When taking care of video production in Dublin, it’s important to keep one eye on the weather. Overcast clouds and plain old rain can dampen your cast’s spirits, not to mention your Dublin video production equipment.

Makes international production very simple. Was hesitant to try 90 seconds at first, but Haley did a great job managing the project.Alix Van Pelt

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Top Dublin Filming Destination

Temple Bar

Temple Bar has been featured in many an Irish film. The narrow cobblestone streets lend themselves to period pieces, while the colorful buildings provide a backdrop that is unequaled in any other part of the city. It's said that at one time or another, the whole of Dublin has walked through Temple Bar.

Bella Street Steps, Mountjoy

Film production in Dublin isn’t always about finding big green fields and brown cows. When you need a location where something unseemly can happen, these back steps in a bad part of town are ideal.

Cedar Lounge, Raheny

This dive bar cum lounge is ideal for your characters to relax with a pint of the good stuff if you want to show how the ordinary folk enjoy their nights in Dublin’s fair city.

Amiens Street Bridge

A landmark of Dublin, the Amiens Street Bridge is idea for your cast to walk under or past. If you can manage to time a train flying overhead, even better.

O’Donoghue’s pub, Baggot Street

Video production in Dublin wouldn’t be complete without at least one scene with O’Donoghue’s pub in the background. This classic Irish pub is always live with locals who enjoy the nightly live entertainment.

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