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When people think about Australia, they often think of kangaroos, koala bears, and the Great Barrier Reef. The capital city of this beautiful country is called Canberra and is the country’s largest city without coastal access. The city is known for its gorgeous natural views and its oceanic climate. The temperatures are relatively mild and the city does not receive much rain when compared to other cities on the continent. The city was carefully planned to serve as the capital of the country and is designed after a bike wheel with spokes instead of a checkerboard grid the way many other cities are designed. The city has a number of unique tourist attractions and sights that have made video production in Canberra a popular option for those looking to film movies. The kind and welcoming people of the city are always willing to share their culture with visitors as well.

Makes international production very simple. Was hesitant to try 90 seconds at first, but Haley did a great job managing the project.Alix Van Pelt

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Sparke Helmore Lawyers
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Sparke Helmore Lawyers
Sparke Helmore Lawyers – Graduate Program Promo
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Top Canberra Filming Destination

The Australian War Memorial

Many different locations have war memorials and they always seem to be beautiful structures. This one is no different. This is a shrine to the brave men and women who gave their lives in service of the country. The emotional nature of the memorial can set the tone for many movie scenes.

Lake Burley Griffin

This is a man-made lake that resides in the center of the city of Canberra. It was finished just over fifty years ago and can serve as an aquatic backdrop for those in need of a body of water in a city without a coast.

The Questacon

While this might be known as a children’s museum of science and technology, it also has flashing lights with unique visuals to keep the attention of these children. These lights can come in handy for video production in Canberra.

The National Gallery of Australia

This is an enormous museum showcasing some of the unique art of the planet. This museum features a number of mind-blowing art exhibits from Australia, including aboriginal work, and other rotating exhibits from around the world. These pieces can create a cultural backdrop for video production in Canberra purposes.

The Australian Natural Botanic Gardens

Those in need of a nature background should check out the botanical gardens. The gardens host a myriad of native plants along a tranquil walking trail that can help anyone find the perfect shot for their scene.

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