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Brisbane Video Production

You could have the highest grade, most professional video equipment in the world and it still won't make a difference if the location you're shooting in is uninspired. This is a large part of why Brisbane video production is so important - as the most populated city in Queensland, Australia, it's an environment so striking it can't help but become a subject in all of your video efforts by default. Whether you're a tourist looking to permanently capture the memories of a lifetime or a filmmaker looking to create a feeling and mood that you can't get anywhere else, there are a number of locations in and around Brisbane that are more than worth exploring.

Great video - captured our leader really well - some of his best content was captured with the Director questioning. The music matched perfectly to the presentation. Very happyTrish Rowlandson

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Sparke Helmore Lawyers
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Sparke Helmore Lawyers
Sparke Helmore Lawyers – Graduate Program Promo
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Top Brisbane Filming Destination

Brisbane Forest Park

One of the many popular sites that are truly perfect for Brisbane video production include the stunning views at places like Brisbane Forest Park. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Brisbane, Brisbane Forest Park is a massive 28,500 hectares of some of the most beautiful (and photogenic) outdoor scenery you can imagine.

Portside Wharf

Portside Wharf acts as both a commercial terminal and an international cruise terminal, giving you the perfect opportunity to spice up your video production with a touch of variety. At any given time all types of ships are represented and the site also includes upscale residential and retail offerings that would act as the perfect backdrop to a feature film, a home movie and absolutely everything in between.

The Downtown Brisbane Streets

One of the reasons why Brisbane is such a popular video production destination, particularly for Hollywood productions, is because of its versatility - as the filmmakers behind the upcoming film "Thor: Ragnarok" made excellent use of in the summer of 2016. The streets of downtown Brisbane not only easily doubled for New York City, but the rural areas just outside the city were reportedly used for Thor's mythical home world of Asgard, as well.

South Bank

Other popular Brisbane video production locations include the many different venues and classical performing sites that are situated throughout the city and more specifically the South Bank area. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, for just one of many examples, features a unique design that is perfect for showing off the innovative architecture that you can only find in Brisbane.

Spring Bluff Railway Station

If you want to give your Brisbane video production a touch of history, look no farther than the Spring Bluff Railway Station. Though the station hasn't been in public use since 1992, it was originated in 1867. It is a national historic place in Queensland and is the perfect opportunity to step back in time and truly see a remnant of a bygone era in Brisbane's history.

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