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Berlin is the beautiful capital of Germany, and makes a great spot for video production. With Berlin being such a tourist destination, you are guaranteed to have good choices for where you would like to film. There are plenty of amazing views, both urban and country, and rich historical locations in which to film. The following five locations are fantastic for video production in Berlin.

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Top Berlin Filming Destination

The Victory Column

A popular monument in Berlin, the Victory Column is a great place to capture amazing views of the city, including a special view of Tiergarten Park which can’ t be found anywhere else. The monument is in memoriam to the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War. You will have to purchase a ticket and climb quite a few steps before accessing the famous view that the Victory Column offers, but it just might be worth it.


Located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Viktoriapark is a beautiful urban park that overlooks the glacial valley. Viktoriapark is also home to a lovely artificial waterfall that flows steadily during the summer months of Berlin. There are great Berlin video production opportunities at this location in part because of its amazing views, and in part due to its glistening waterfall and special history.


Teufelsberg, Berlin is the proud owner of the highest peak in the city and a great opportunity for Berlin video production. The history behind this unique location is interesting and adds to appeal of visiting and filming at Teufelsberg. It is a man-made hill made entirely of rubber and was once used as a listening location for the United States of America. On a fair weathered day with clear visibility, the available views are quite stunning and perfect for film.


Oranienstrasse is right smack at the heart of Kreuzberg’s SO36 district, and not only offers an unfiltered view into Berlin’s rich culture, but a substantial amount of history as well. It is a quite popular location for the locals to congregate and enjoy a good pint or bite to eat. Some parts of Oranienstrasse have been rebuilt after extensive bombing during the war. Although the history will not be clearly evident, it is still fun to know.


Oberbaumbrucke, also known as Oberbaum Bridge, is Berlin’s famous double-deck bridge that crosses Berlin’s River Spree. Oberbaumbrucke is a famous landmark of Berlin’s for a good reason: it offers spectacular views and shots. Oberbaumbrucke has been used many times in film and has been a widely popular location to capture great photographs.

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