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Australia Video Production

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Australia. Australia is an island country that is also a continent, and there are many wonderful places to visit in Australia that tourists will never be able to forget. Some of the great places that you’ll want to visit, shooting video so you won’t forget everything you see, include the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian outback, made famous in many movies and television shows, the Tasmanian wilderness, and Gold Coast. The video production opportunities in these places, and many other popular sites will make for a great vacation in the land Down Under.

Australia is a country that has its own mystique. People wait their entire lives to take a visit to Australia where the people are known for being friendly and welcoming, and as most continents have, a wide variety of flora and fauna. One visit and it will be clear why Australia has such a pull for many people from all around the world.

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Top Australia Filming Destination

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and it is actually made up of nearly 3,000 different reefs, and comprises more than 900 islands. The Reef is found in the Coral Sea and is off the coast of Queensland, Australia, so after a visit to the Reef, Queensland is a great place to visit too. The Great Barrier Reef is so large that it can be seen from outer space, and it is the largest structure made by billions of coral polyps, tiny living organisms. If potential tourists want to see what they might encounter in a visit to the Reef, Google created the Google Underwater Street View of the Reef which can be seen in 3D.

The Australian Outback

The Outback refers to parts of Australia that are located outside of urban areas. From silly movies like Kangaroo Jack, to Steve Irwin and his show Crocodile Hunter, the Outback has been noted often in media as a rough and beautiful place where nature can be seen up close and personal. Tourists can rent their own vehicles to tour the Outback, and there are many tours that can take visitors on safe expeditions to see the terrain and native animals. Many animals tourists get to see include kangaroo, emu, dingo, and even camels.

Gold Coast

Often, when we think of Australia and the urban settings with beautiful beaches, we think of the Gold Coast—not a region or area in Australia, but Gold Coast is a city of about half a million people. Gold Coast has beautiful beaches for people who want to visit the ocean and relax, and it has a night life that many people will enjoy. Gold Coast also has great shopping for people looking for reminders of their visit to this beautiful city.

The Tasmanian Wilderness

The Tasmanian Wilderness is a beautiful area in Tasmania, an island that is part of Australia, and has natural wilderness, rivers and mountains that are beautiful and unforgettable for those who love shooting video to remember great times on vacation. Tasmania is also home of Tasmanian devils, and who knows, although the Tasmanian wolf has been listed as extinct for almost a century, there have been undocumented sightings for years. Maybe you’ll be the hero to document a Tasmanian wolf on video.

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