Multi-Location Video Production

Whether it’s different neighbourhoods or different countries, our multi-location video production services make sure that we get all the shots—and you get the videos you want at an affordable rate.

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Have all the angles covered with multi-location video services

Asking a video production company to shoot in more than one location can be a tall order...or at least a very expensive one. But 90 seconds is not just your average video production company. With a global team of video experts, we offer multi-location video production at competitive prices.

We’re where you need us to be

We have shot more than 23,000+ videos in well over 160+ countries, and we have the talent and experience to deliver quality multi-location video production services in as many regions or time zones you require.

Easily access information about your project

Our unique cloud-based video production management platform allows you to stay updated on the status of your multi-location video production project. No need to pick up the phone or email, just log on to the 90 Seconds video production platform for all the info you need.

The World’s Cloud Video Production Service.

Remember, when you choose 90 Seconds, you’re not choosing a third-party video production services provider, you’re choosing a partner devoted to your company’s success.

Over 12,000 Creators
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Shooters, Editors, Directors, Animators, Voiceover Artists, Sound Technicians. Music Producers, Creatives, Drone Pilots, Lighting Technicians. Make Up Artists. Talent. Our community of Global Creators are ready to take on any project!

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Expert Video Consultants

Once you’ve submitted your initial brief, one of our expert video consultants reviews it and sends you a jargon-free, easy-to-read quote that describes the scope of the work.

Dedicated Success Manager

After approving the quote, you’ll get to meet your dedicated success manager. It’s their pleasure (and okay, their job!) to ensure that your project is done on time, on budget and as described.