How 90 Seconds works for Creators

Make the most of limitless opportunities, a sophisticated workflow platform, and a global network of like-minded Creators.

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Get hired

Get <span>hired</span>

90 Seconds has produced over 30,000 videos and provided over 100,000 jobs to our Global Creator Community.

As we continue to thrive and produce thousands of videos, this means thousands of job opportunities for our growing network of videographers, film producers, and video professionals.

Work with global brands

Work with <span>global brands</span>

90 Seconds produces videos all around the world and for some of the world's biggest brands.

Some of the top brands who use our video platform include Sony, Uber, HP, Samsung, EY, KPMG and Microsoft.

90 Seconds Creator app

Track your jobs and find gigs anywhere with our new Creator app.

Manage everything online

Manage <span>everything</span> online

The entire video production process is managed online. Everything you need is communicated, stored, reviewed and delivered in one place.

Get paid fast

<span>Get paid</span> fast

Once you complete a job, it's automatically sent for final processing and payment. Less paperwork means less hassle and faster payments.

With the launch of our new Hyperwallet payment method, payment is more immediate and easily managed as well.

Opportunities from around the world

Opportunities from <span>around the world</span>

90 Seconds has worked with 3,000+ brands, in 550 cities and 160+ countries.

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