Built-in Publishing

Promote, advertise, and manage your videos directly from the 90 Seconds platform

 Begin promoting your video instantly

Begin promoting your video instantly

Your library of brand videos lives in 90 Seconds. The promotion of them can too. Integrations range from Brightcove to YouTube, with many more coming soon.

     Promote like a pro

    Promote like a pro

    • You spent time and money to create a video that shows off your brand. Choose a title and description to give it maximum impact.

    • Follow ready-made guides that prompt you on everything from thumbnails to file formats

    • Connect with an SEO specialist or video marketer to help make your social strategy sing

     Ramp   up or down  at any time

    Ramp up or down at any time

    • Log promotion details in 90 Seconds so you can add or make changes to existing campaigns

    • Easily edit or unpublish a video without having to track down login details

    • Access controls let you distribute publishing rights without having to include everyone on your extended brand or production team