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90 Seconds has worked with over 3k+ brands to create compelling corporate videos, from small business to large enterprises.

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Professional & Captivating Corporate Videos

As a professional video production company, 90 Seconds has worked with over 3k+ brands to create compelling corporate videos, from small business to large enterprises. With 12k+ content creators, videographers, and film producers, we are highly experienced with corporate video production. We take the time to understand your business to the core and create engaging business videos that match your unique vision and requirements. Whether you’re looking to create an employee training video or an internal business announcement, we're the corporate film production company that makes it happen. We create stunning footage and event videography for a global audience with 160 video shoot locations around the world, including London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, San Francisco, Auckland, and Melbourne!

1 // Video Interviews & Testimonials

  • Customer interviews and video testimonials give viewers a better understanding of your brand's services as well as what the customer experiences are with your brand. In fact, video testimonials provide one of the highest rates of conversion.
  • With proper preparation from our team of video makers and film producers at 90 Seconds, your video interviews and testimonials will appear professional and engaging. Our video production company makes the viewing experience a priority, leaving the viewer with an overall positive brand experience and drive brand awareness.

2 // Staff Training & Tutorial Videos

  • It’s a fact: Videos help people remember more information, faster. With our quality corporate video production, customized staff training videos can be a highly efficient and cost-effective method to improve employee performance and satisfaction.
  • Our 90 Seconds filmmakers work closely with you and your company to create insightful and compelling video tutorials, while also providing you with the flexibility, security and reliability of our video services.

3 // Case Study Videos

  • Case studies are an effective way to demonstrate how your products or services can be used and how customers can successfully implement and benefit from them. 90 Seconds works with you to create case study videos that empathesize, connect and appeal to your target audience.
  • By setting up the right environment that viewers can identify and emotionally connect with, high-quality case study film production can lead to high conversions.

4 // Product Video Demos

  • A video demo is a great opportunity to showcase your product or service in a simple and straightforward manner, especially for complex and advanced products. Our film makers at 90 Seconds help you to feature and break down the product information, how to use it, and its benefits in a way that your target audience can best understand and relate to.
  • As an experienced film production company, our strategically crafted product and service video demos aim to be enlightening and encouraging, helping the viewer feel confident that your product or service is right for them.

What Our Partners Say About Us

90 Seconds has produced 30,000 videos for over 3,000 brands, in over 1,550 cities around the world.

6 videos, 3 Shoots

“What can I say, this team was incredible to work with. They took my feedback, made quick changes and created something wonderful. Thanks to everyone involved in this project.”

Google (US HQ)

  • 93 Videos, 62 Shoots

  • 132 Videos, 160 Shoots

  • 248 Videos, 145 Shoots

  • 61 Videos, 23 Shoots

  • Shot 32 Locations in 1 Day