Case Studies

What we’ve achieved together

Discover amazing case studies and learn stories behind great videos.

Tripadvisor Tripadvisor Unveiling Destinations through Animated Brilliance
44 locations 270 videos
Tripadvisor Tripadvisor Unlocking Japan’s Best Kept Secrets
44 locations 270 videos
Adaptavist Adaptavist Powering Through Visual Narratives
1 locations 38 videos
Serko Serko Launching Xeno with Visual Impact
4 locations 41 videos
ONE Championship ONE Championship Inside the Arena with ONE Championship
70 locations 58 videos
LocaliQ LocaliQ Harnessing Authentic Testimonials with a Streamlined Solution
6 locations 74 videos
Deloitte Deloitte Delving Deep into Deloitte
58 locations 493 videos
Baker McKenzie Baker McKenzie Cinematic Brilliance Across Borders
38 locations 125 videos
Barclays Barclays Charting A Visual Odyssey of Excellence
37 locations 1027 videos
JLL JLL Building Narratives One Frame at a Time
66 locations 232 videos
LOVE, NILS LOVE, NILS Bridging Distances with Authentic Storytelling
2 locations 2 videos
VMLY&R VMLY&R Breathing Life into Creative Ideas
8 locations 65 videos
Visa Visa Authentic Storytelling Across Continents
6 locations 20 videos
Roche Roche A Success Story in Multinational Video Creation
20 locations 149 videos
Walton Isaacson Walton Isaacson A Live Production Spectacle
13 locations 88 videos
MBM MBM 32 Locations in One Day with Alumino
19 locations 28 videos
Starlight Children's Foundation Starlight Children's Foundation Illuminating Hope through Captivating Stories
14 locations 127 videos
Typsy Typsy Harnessing the Power of Global Video Creation
36 locations 88 videos
Amazon Amazon Transcending Borders with Stories
59 locations 565 videos
Uber Uber A Journey of Collaboration and Reach
36 locations 165 videos
Microsoft Microsoft Revolutionising Case Studies
16 locations 96 videos
Great Journeys New Zealand Great Journeys New Zealand Promoting the Great Journeys of New Zealand
6 locations 61 videos
PayPal PayPal Embracing Efficiency and Scale
43 locations 307 videos
Circle.Life Circle.Life Revolutionising Telco Content with Digital Precision
2 locations 26 videos