How the alcohol industry is uncorking digital video

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. Let people find you on mobile
  3. Create immersive experiences with interactive videos
  4. Be visible both online and offline
  5. Create a video for your campaign
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90 Seconds
5 years ago・4 min read

You don’t have to look far and wide to pick a bar and order your drinks on a night out. Instead, all you have to do is to look at your smartphone, laptop, or any other device.

It’s rare to see advertisements for martinis or champagne on major billboards or television sets across the country. After all, the alcohol industry operates under strict advertising regulations. Usually, it has little to no liberty when it comes to advertising its products.

The realm of online video, however, is a fertile playground for those in the business of booze. It allows businesses to experiment and showcase their most potent libations.

You may wonder why. Marketers are looking to take their spirits online. While there are rules to be followed, they are not nearly as restrictive as those for outdoor and public spaces.

Regulations aside, the internet is a great place for alcohol companies to entice audiences with appealing shots of mixology-based fun. Here are a few ways you can effectively boost your booze business online through video:

Let people find you on mobile

People are often doing two things in bars and nightclubs: checking their phones and enjoying their drinks. Their television sets might not be able to follow them there, but your ads surely can.

And if you’re marketing to millennials (22-37 year olds), you’re in luck. Over 90% of that demographic is estimated to be a smartphone user by 2019.

There are billions around the world consuming online video content. Hence, it makes complete sense for alcohol advertisers to make mobile their new frontier if they haven’t already done so.

Additionally, there is a myriad of mobile-friendly media formats available across social sites. This has made it easier for alcohol companies to experiment and fine-tune their content.

Moët Hennessy is one brand for whom we have created numerous mobile-ready videos. All these videos were made ready to be posted across various social media. Each video highlights how their range of wines and spirits are perfect for every event.

Moët Hennessy

Create immersive experiences with interactive videos

Remember Netflix’s interactive movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which left audiences frantically and repeatedly retracing their steps in order to achieve a better ending?

Turns out, certain enterprising alcohol marketers are leveraging similar technology to draw consumers into a world. This is a world where they can engage in guided fun activities such as creating custom cocktails, learning how to make classic drinks, and curating meal-appropriate aperitifs and digestifs.

At 90 Seconds, we collaborated with Vudoo to create an interactive video for Australian liquor retailer Dan Murphy’s, where people could choose the type of cocktail they wanted to create.

Dan Murphy used the video to demonstrate how to make cocktails for any occasion with Dan Murphy liquors – be it lunch, dinner, or casual gatherings such as barbeques. Viewers are able to watch video tutorials showing exactly how to create each drink. Text versions of the recipes also available on the screen for easier reference.

With interactive videos, consumers have the power to design their own journey. They can explore a new topic and learn more about the various spirits and beverages of a particular brand. To showcase just how versatile a brand’s portfolio is, they should leverage this multifaceted visual tool.

Be visible both online and offline

For maximum impact, online marketing efforts should translate into real-life experiences, so aim to create a well-rounded digital experience that transcends both online efforts and offline activities.

In other words, you’re helping people to get a (virtual) taste of an intoxicating cocktail via your video content. As such, you will encourage them to go out and buy the actual drink to experience the magic for themselves.

Some ways to bridge the gap from online to real-life engagement with your brand are to create shareable organic content in the form of drinks recipes, how-to-make tutorials with tips and tricks, and food-pairing guides as part of your campaigns.

For Moët Hennessy’s Sabre Sundays Event, we created a step-by-step video tutorial detailing how to safely open a champagne bottle with a sabre, featuring Veuve Clicquot drinkers actually doing it with the featured product.

Moët Hennessy – Sabre Sundays Event

While the proliferation of online video has made it easier for alcohol brands to promote their products online, it is still imperative that these ads comply with industry regulations regarding online advertising and promotions.

Of course, marketers and brands must always adhere to age restrictions, as well as local or regional laws specific to online alcohol advertisements.

Create a video for your campaign

Need help crafting a spirited video campaign which captures the attention of your audience? We are here to help you create content which complies with all regulatory requirements in your market.